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2022 Week 0: Strong start

Nick FrostbutterNick Frostbutter
Jan 02, 2022

Only a few days in, and I have had very productive progress.

Even though it's only been a few days into the year, literally 2, I have been very productive. After all, 2022 did start off with a weekend and my weekends are usually the best time for me to get stuff done. Plus this is my last days before I go back to my day job after a 2 week holiday 😢. So I was extra motivated.

This week

My big focus has been in migrating my older projects to my new server. I had scaled up the server a while back to have more storage for, but since I plan on going a different hosting route for it later, I no longer need the larger server. Sadly, digital ocean does not support scaling down the disk space :/


  • wrote/published 1 full article, and drafted another
  • recorded 5 1/2 videos for my YouTube channel
  • created a notion doc to help track my daily progress
  • started the stripe integration for my first product


  • began migrating my projects from my old server, to my new one
  • signed up for email octopus for my building in public newsletter I want to grow
  • made several social comments on twitter and IH (got some nice page views to Boomerang and my site)
  • update the renewal settings on the MANY domains I have and don't use

While doing this migration, I was able to record the the devops videos on setting up the new server. So win, win I guess. These 5 videos I was able to record puts me at 8 total to edit, for my 12 video goal for the year. So maybe I need to expand my video goal for the year?

With this server migration, and updating the domain renewals, I am trying to cut costs where I don't need to spend!

Next week goals/tasks

I think my day job will be light this week, but my kid is staying home from day care too, so it will be interesting to see how much time I can actually manage to get good maker time. Usually I can get more of the manger/marketing things during that "interruptible" time



  • complete the server migration
  • schedule 4 tweets
  • test the Vercel platform
  • minor research on AWS

Shoutout to @ryanstrickler for the "schedule some tweets" idea. He mentioned it as part of his plan in our mini-mastermind.

PS: Here is my personal notion doc that I am recording my daily progress for 2022.

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