Nick Frostbutter

Here are some high level snapshots of what I am working on right now.

PS: I am looking to start a new full time job in Feb/Mar 2023. Are you hiring or looking for a developer?

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#Solana Blockchain (Core Docs)

As an "external developer advocate" for the Solana foundation, I am actively working on improving the official Solana documentation. From writing new articles and content, to reorganizing the content itself. And yes, even the janitorial tasks like updating npm packages.

PS: Here you can find the list of all my merged PRs into the Solana repo on github.

#Solfate Podcast

The Solfate Podcast is an audio commentary from @jamesrp13 and myself. Each week we are discussing assorted news in the broader Solana ecosystem, as well as giving periodic updates on the projects we are building.

You can explore the podcast on it's own website, where ever you get your podcasts, or from the links below: