Nick Frostbutter

Here are some high level snapshots of what I am working on now:

PS: I am looking to start a new full time job in Feb/Mar 2023. Are you hiring or looking for a developer?

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#Solana Blockchain (Core Docs)

As an "external developer advocate" for the Solana foundation, I am actively working on improving the official Solana documentation.

Here is the Github issue for the core docs restructure I am working on. As well as the list of all my merged PRs into the Solana repo!

#Solfate Labs

Solfate is the umbrella name that I am creating developer tools and assorted resources for building on Solana. Currently:

  • Solfate CLI - Published the first version of the CLI that enables hot loading/building of Solana programs. Next, going to add auto words
  • Browser extension - Just added a simple IPFS browser to this browser extension. Working on polishing the source code up to release it as open source and for the Solana SummerCamp hackathon.

Building this podcast exploration app,, to help build the podcast exploration experience.

Right now, I am finishing up the last of the re-write to swap from a NuxtJS(Vue) to a NextJS(React) base app.