Nick Frostbutter


Nick FrostbutterNick Frostbutter
Nov 15, 2021

The very first public Twitter Spaces search engine. Helping the early adopters of Twitter Spaces to explore active and scheduled Spaces.

Spacebird - The first Twitter Spaces search engine

The problem

For several months after Twitter released Spaces, their live audio chatroom product, there was no way to search for them.

Either active ones or scheduled.

The goal

Spacebird was created to bridge the gap of what Twitter was seemingly slow to roll out: a way to search and find specific topic based Twitter Spaces.

Tech stack

  • Vue.js - frontend framework
  • TailwindCSS - CSS tooling and designing
  • Elasticsearch - as a scalable search database to cache the Twitter API calls (to prevent reaching the very low rate limit)
  • Node/Express API - RESTful API to communicate between the Twitter API and the Elasticsearch database

What's next?

This project/repo is no longer maintained and has been open sourced.

After Twitter released their public Spaces search, directly in the app/website, Spacebird was shutdown. In early 2022, the original domain,, was sold at auction.

I have made the git repo public and can be used by anyone.