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July 2021: Relaunched my blog with more stuff

Nick FrostbutterNick Frostbutter
Jul 02, 2021

More geared towards my goals of building in public, this updated personal blog actually has a blog. And articles and a newsletter.

After spending the last several months of building things in quite, and out of sight of others, I am going to making more of a conscious effort to building in public.

It will certainly be more time consuming to make progress on each of the various projects I am working on. But I think the end result of actually building in public will be well worth it. At the very least, some level of marketing will happen. Sharing the blog posts/articles I write here on place like IndieHackers and Twitter will be the starting place.

To kick-start this all off, my newsletter is back up and running. These email blasts won't be the most frequent updates like some other creators and makers, but they will be mine. The plan is at least a monthly email blast to the list with at least updates on the projects I am working on and things I find interesting.

Goal Types: Output vs Input

I truly believe that most people set goals the wrong way. "Get to $1k MMR", "raise my daily active user count". They are great when you get there. For sure! But they set output goals; the results. These are the wrong TYPE of goals.

As the saying goes: "goals should be measurable and reasonable." Often these output goals do follow the motto.

People should set input goals.

Set your goals to show up every day (or week) and make progress. Set your goals to be the things that you can actually control. Set input goals. But set input goals that are also measurable and reasonable. "Break ground on your latest project", "launch on ProductHunt", "write 1 article this week". Input only, but measurable. Input > output.

Goals for July 2021

After all that said and my goal setting framework laid out, these are my goals for July 2021:

  • update and publish my new blog
  • break ground on my newest project:
  • send my first newsletter email in months
  • reformat older tech/code articles for developers and publish them to my collection of articles
  • finish the basic network hardwire of my house (access points and office)
  • launch to IndieHackers and 1 other launch site

Maker time available: High 🔥

Like most IndieHackers, I work on my side projects in my spare time. Nights and weekends. Usually I can get around 5-10 hours a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. This month is different though. I have nearly half of July off of work. Which means more maker time.

Although I do have so much time off work, I can't dedicate all that time to working on projects. Just more time than normal. I am taking a vacation with family and celebrate my kids 1st birthday (what a year it has been).

My estimate is that during July I will have around double the amount of maker time available. Which is awesome, especially since my wife starts law school soon. And our family schedule will be in such a flux for a bit until we work out the kinks.

Time to get to business.

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