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🚧 Big plans in the works

Nick FrostbutterNick Frostbutter
Jan 01, 2022

As the year comes to a close, and the new one begins, most people are creating their New Year's goals. Planning the thing they "are totally going to do". And I guess I am no different this year. But I am really looking forward to the new year!

Like any good indie developer that is building in public, I proclaimed my ambitions 2022 goals with a tweet and a related post on IndieHackers:

  • 📦 ship 6 products
  • 💰 reach $1k MRR
  • 🚧 #buildinginpublic the whole time

Then after some more thought, decided to commit a few more goals for my content creator side.

  • ✍ write 24 articles
  • 🎥 publish 12 videos

Dedicating more time to help grow my "personal brand" (and website traffic) is important to me. Not just for the vanity metrics, but also for the enjoyment and helping of others.

I have spent countless hours researching code problems online. Often times bordering the fringe of obscure code snippets and ideas. So publishing content that might help some other developer get their question answered just tickles my fancy.

Weekly mini-mastermind

Accountability can make or break any persons best intentions. And with the IndieHacker and Build in Public movements becoming so popular, it has almost never been easier to find a like minded person to be that extra friend.

After seeing some very similar minded tweets and the same goal of "launch 6 products in 2022", @ryanstrickler struck up a conversation. After messaging back and forth for a bit, we had a video call further discussing our own goals for the new year. After working out some minor details like commitment level and periodicity (which we both very much agreed on), we created our own "mini mastermind".

Every Sunday we are going to share our weekly goals in the "maker/manager" format, inspired by the Out of Beta podcast.

Which means, I needed a better way to track the actual progress. Enter Notion.

Daily/weekly notion tracker

I also created a notion doc to help me record my progress each day towards each of my 2022 goals. I have high hopes to be updating this public doc every day with the things that I am actually accomplish, both "maker" and "manager".

Any one who wants to see my progress (or copy the template), you are more than welcome to check it out. It is public with read-only access.

The doc has the yearly goals displayed right at the top, so every time I open it, BAM!!! They are right there.

I see them. I make progress on them.

Then a simple table to add a record for each week. Tracking the daily progress, or lack there of, towards each of my goals.

At the bottom of each weekly page, there is one final table to record a few simple metrics. Like revenue, articles written, and twitter followers.

So... 6 products...

That's right. 6 is the goal. I have several ideas in mind for the products to create, some reaching back to similar ideas I have worked on in the past. Some new.

At the very least, I will launch 1 course as part of these 6 products. The exact content has yet to be decided.

Time to get to work.

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